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Helping students grow into their
God - given potential

Tutoring Services & Family Consulting
Training students and families in their individual learning style, personality and study habits that fit their lives.

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A Bit About Us

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Suzie Mitchell has been teaching students for over 11 years in grades K - 12 using Montessori, hands-on, Christ-centered approaches. Despite the GREAT joy in the classrooom, there is still a desire to help students in other learning institutions that feel stuck and discouraged. Many times, after one on one work to learn their personality style, multiple intelligences and study habits that fit their life - students begin to have hope and after experiencing success, they frequently grow multiple grade levels and change who they are as a learner.

Educational Services

Researching and Writing

Tutoring Sessions

Students can meet with instuctor for 1 hour sessions to strengthen an area of academic weakness or to accelerate in a particular subject in order to fast - track their academic career.

Call or email us to discuss and schedule

your student's tutoring needs.

Assessments & Family Consulting

Basic academic skills are important - but the key to making learning effective is to know yourself as a learner. Assessments in your student's learning style and personality are available. Families and students will then meet with the instructor on the results and how these translate into successful habits. This gives families the insight neccessary to support thier student to the best of their ability.

Schedule a time for your student to be assessed to get to know how God created them to learn!

Stones of Meaning

"Ms. Suzie taught, tutored, and mentored both of my daughters. They absolutely LOVE her! I watched my girls thrive academically and spiritually with Ms. Suzie. She deserves the highest of recommendations!"

Angela Antilla

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