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Educational Services

One on One Tutoring

Students can meet with instructor for 1 hour sessions to strengthen an area of academic weakness or to accelerate in a particular subject in order to fast - track their academic career. ACT/SAT Prep or

Credit Recovery are also available.

$45/ Hour

Summer Tutoring In Person or Virtually is Available

Learn to Read
Stones of Meaning

Assessment & Consulting

Assessments on your student's learning style and personality. Based on given academic history from family, a report will be created on your student's learning profile as well as action steps to help support and encourage future academic success. 

This is a natural precursor to creating a specific tutoring plan with instructor or study habit plan with family and learner.


(includes both scheduled assessment with student and subsequent family consultation)

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Girls in the Library

"This tutoring service is a comprehensive way to help students conquer the challenges of learning in a new way by Ms Mitchell! She has helped many students in her years of teaching in private schools. I recommend this service highly!"

- Parent

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