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Mrs. Suzie Learning Tips

Many times it is the simple things that make all the difference in learning. Here is a list of tips that I share with most students in some form or fashion- especially those who are working on their reading skills. 1. Stop with the negative self-talk. 2. When you do have a negative thought, think or say out loud at least 3 positives. If you struggle with this- ask Mrs. Suzie- I have LOTS of positives for you. Many of you are creative, kind, protective, helpful, have sweet smiles, friendly....the list goes on and on. 3. Got folders and organize your book bag- tonight. 4. Get a calendar for school so that you can when you have to turn in assignments. 5. Read at least 10 minutes a night after homework. 6. Remember it is OKAY to take your time reading, even in front of people. 7. Watch old movies, because they have higher vocabulary that you can begin to understand because of the context in the film. 8. If needed, read in a funny accent. You will "get into it" and read more fluently. 9. Take care of your eyes. If you wear contacts, please take them out at night. If you need glasses, wear them. 4Anita Stratton-Covel, Robert Mitchell and 2 others 3 Shares Like Comment Share 0 Comments Active Write a comment…

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